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the only noobie question thread...

hey guys i know a lot of people are often embarrased to ask some noobie questions, thinking theyll be vicitimised by hundreds of flame posts. So ive decided to start my own noobile question thread:

To get the ball rolling here are some things ive been wondering about:

1. What does OSSN stand for?
2. How does one go about increasing one's 'Power' ?


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1. OSNN stand for: The Operating System News Network (I think this says this on the front page somewhere)
2. To increase your power you need to add to peoples reputation (the little scales icon) when they help you or make you laugh etc… The more reputation you dish out the higher your power

So increase my rep for answering you and you should see your power increase ;)


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now the serious reply :p

to increse power:
give rep/recieve rep.
post lots
become higher in forums rank (vip etc)

the name osnn has been discussed in maaaaaany threads, most popular is Operating Systems News Network :d
thanks guys! i would be pleased to give u all reps, but i cant.

thinks is im having problems with my JAVA, tried reinstall but still not working........

BTW can somone do me a favour... what link do you see in ur statusbar when you hover the mouse pointer overr the add to reputation button?

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It pops up a window.

Reputation level and reputation power are two completely different things that do led with each other, if that made any sense.

You gain power depending on how long you have been here, post count or reputation level. Power is the amount of reputation you can add (or remove... soon, maybe)

Reputation level is the culmination of these power shifts.
i realise that, but when i click on the [image]http://forum.osnn.net/images/buttons/reputation.gif[/image] icon nothing happens, the page just reloads.


I may actually be insane.
It opens a pop-up window... :rolleyes:

If you're utilising a pop-up blocker of some sort, then you will need to enable pop-ups for osnn.net if it's too sensitive.
no i dont have any pop-up blockers. it must be the JAVA, i cant use hotmail, when i click on the Inobx,Junk mail, or reply nothing happens...so it must be the java..

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