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the on going search...for a...

bah i want a job so bad and i can't find one!!! well i have one but its like 8 hours a month. yeah that doesn't cut it!! i went to a interview for a restaurant and it seemed to go good! they suck i want to be hired. :confused: i reallllly need one or theres no car :( and i know that cannot happen!!!


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o_87 said:
If you read his post, that's exactly where he went for an interview...:rolleyes:
I did read it and he stated that he went to a restaurant, not a fast food restaurtant.
yeah i applied to most.....but i forget about Bestbuy which was like my dream job 51241234123 years ago...so i need to go by that place, working there would be tyyytee ( u get mad discounts)

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Sell drugs! the cash is good, the hours are comfturable, and if your good at it you get to meet pretty interesting (kinda blurry) people.

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All good still mate?
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