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The OFFICIAL OSNN fisherman strikes again!


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In my lateest outing, I was able to go out and do some night fishing...

It was slow but it paid off...

I went in search of a slot snook last night, I ended up with a ladyfish, a trout, and the story below will round it out:

We arrived at the docks after getting tons of small bait at around 8PM; there were TONS of shadows, some VERY large and WELL over slot... I guess they didnt get to be that big by being stupid... :rolleyes:

Anyway the night started off with a bang... I caught a trout the very first cast with a live shrimp pitching it to some shadows cruising the edge of the lights...:)

I also missed a few smaller hookups which I believed to be ladyfish because they never seemed to grab my fluke...

Then it happened... I was pitching live baits in and amongst the snooks with no takers when I told my friend my trusty fluke would catch one, you just watch... About five casts later... WHAMO... FISH ON!!
She put up a decent fight, she ran straight for the barnacle encrusted piling, when she pulled, I pulled back, and my little Abu Garcia Revo-S put a whooping on this fish:

She was between 26.6 and 27 inches... the picture shows 26 (66 cm for you metric folks) but if you notice I was still trying to take the hook out of her mouth, and when I pushed her down and back... without the tail pinched she was 26 inches



Mike A!


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Self-appointed that is, can't even do IMG tags correctly :smoker: :p

Self appointed maybe so... I dont see anyone else posting all the fishes I do...


As for the IMG tags... I just copied the IMG tags from photobucket vs clicking the icon thinking it would work... I DID fix it...


Mike A!


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Good one Mike.

I am going next week to the mountains for the yearly guy trip and hoping to land a big one like Rod did last year.


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Hey Mike, nice catch. Maybe we'll see you on Bass Master one day.
That takes WAY too much time and $$$ which I have neither of...

It is more likely that I end up posting a top 10 finish at a major fishing event however... I have all the tools to do it... I begin competing in sanctioned competitions next year... :eek:

We will see how it goes... I would LOVE to fish for a living even if it was just as a guide...

Mike A!

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