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The Latest Hacking Tool is an Empty Pringles Tube


OSNN Senior Addict
that has been done on this site b4,
i was going to poast it yeaterday but then realised what was the point lol, the bbc only stold the pics from Network News mag,


OSNN Senior Addict
yeah i guess so EP :D , i should have poasted it when i had the chance to, just didnt want to clog up the forum wiht unwanted info.


I'm all ears
Im going to print his Sig off and get my mate to run it through the till @ the shop, see if it says "electronic punk - 99p"

I don't worry much about potato chip cans. My system generates a series of high and low frequency jamming waves. Save your potato chip cans for the potato chips.:D


OSNN Senior Addict
humm driving around with a pringles can sticking out of ya window, that looks reather stelthy, (not) the idea or drive by lan haking is to not attract attention to your self. and i thort phone Phreaking made ya parranoid lol ya might as well have a sign on ya car or what ever in big bright letters telling every one what u are doing :D

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