The God Particle Finally Found ?


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6 Jul 2004
It's called a 'god particle' (it's official name is Higgs Bosun) because of it's intrinsic power to reshape how we look at physics and will basically upon discovery usher in a whole new set of laws. Basically Higgs thought these particles are inhibitors in a sort of electromagnetic field that multiply the weight of electrons ...slowing them down (hence creating mass)

Nothing to do with superstition/religion. Physics is fact based, using scientific theory.

They have been working towards this for several years now, they were close in 2000.


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1 Sep 2004
More likely called the "God Particle" as everyone thinks that if they find a certain thing in physics they will be able to explain away God and religion, when in truth all they find is more complexity in a seeming simple situation. and as it is, man alone cannot explain away God, so they try to use simulations of what they think happened, will happen, and use small bits and pieces of actual fact to put them into action, the rest of the facts are left by the roadside.

But hey, that is just my viewpoint, and I am imperfect, the same as everyone else, so mebey I am wrong.


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4 Mar 2002
scientist 1: check out my latest Spirograph drawing

scientist 2:want a laugh ? lets publish this instead...


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6 Jul 2004
Sorry, I laughed at this line because it seems so contradictory. :laugh:

It's true ! It does sound rather contradictory if you only quote that line.

For now, when I say 'they' I mean whoever works in a science lab or controlled environment ... or wherever they employ scientific theory.

The great thing is, they test their theories using this 'scientific theory' and never rest, never think they truely have the answer. When they test it enough times they call it a 'law'. Even then they bicker about it and test it again and again and again.

Every theory is based on certain assumptions or facts

(laws - things like gravity (constant) F=MA (every f'n time) density of water... number of electrons a hydrogen atom has .. etc .. )

from which they develop new hypotheses to test. They are frequently wrong. Usually, a consensus is reached when enough successful hypothoses are proven correct in a controlled experiment.

Laws were meant to be broken after all. :)

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