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The God Particle Finally Found ?


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For weeks, the physics world has been buzzing with rumors juicier -- at least in context -- than any Washington scandal: Researchers at Fermilab's Tevatron particle collider may have made one of the biggest scientific discoveries in decades, just months before a new European facility supplanted their position at the top of the field.

According to the rumors, researchers may have experimental results compatible with the discovery of a long-sought particle called the Higgs boson, sometimes dubbed the "God particle," which is widely regarded as giving all other particles mass. Depending on the details, this could be a Nobel-level discovery, and could lead to a reexamination of much of today's physics.

Nevertheless, the blog-spread buzz is polarizing the physics community. The tension, and the ongoing silence from researchers in the know, says much about a field on the brink of changes that will shape research for decades to come.


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Yeah, I found my God Particle under the sofa once. Luckily I'd put one of those whistling keyrings on it :)
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In a science discussion you might be right. :)

Interesting news though, although it seems it might not be true. From other news posts and blogs I have read it seems that this news has kinda gotten out of control and spread like wildfire. So I would not get your hopes up....
First scientist: "Wow, I never thought everything going on with this hypermassive particle was possible. Umm...oh...OH NO it appears that a chain reaction has started that will cause the universe to collapse on itself!"

Second scientist: "LOL MY BAD!!!!!!11!"
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More like.

Scientist 1. This is a picture that we drew while waiting four our budget review, it is totally simulated of the things we dream about at night, but it could be real if we were wanting more money for our project. And by the way, we are a little over budget, could you spare us a couple mil? We put it up on the net, so it has to be true, we blogged it!!!!!!

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