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The End of Pop-Up Advertising?


MS-DOS 2.0
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Windows XP SP2's pop-up blocker works exactly like it advertises. I've been testing the browser for the past few days (rather than using Firefox like I normally do), and I haven't had one pop-up ad yet. If enough people bother to install SP2, I happen to wonder if it will kill pop-up advertising? I certainly hope so, but then it makes me wonder what kind of intrusive advertising method they will go to next. :rolleyes:


Being a Firefox user since the Phoenix days, I haven't had to deal with popup ads for a long time. I'm glad IE users are now getting this feature as part of the browser itself.

Popup (and pop-under) ads, in my opinion, are one of the most annoying form of internet advertising (spam mail is another big one). I don't mind banner ads, as long as they're not huge and intrusive. In fact, if there's a site I like and visit often (like OSNN and some others), I make it a point to click the banners every now and then to help generate revenue for hosting. A new form of advertising I've seen recently is ad-words, and I don't mind those either.

The sooner popup advertising dies the better it is for everyone.


Dabba Dooba
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yeah...i forgot what pop ups r cause i use firefox and i never get pop ups. Wait till the start usin pop-unders more :eek:


MS-DOS 2.0
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Of course, now the other effect is that it will effectively kill all the pop-up ad programs out there, as they will no longer be needed, not to mention that these programs were also a main reason why people were downloading those stupid "toolbars" that the many of the major search engines had been creating.

However, I guess that there are still many people using Windows 2000 and below, and, as far as I know, the pop-up blocker is only bundled in XP SP2. I guess that there is probably still a need out there for the third-party programs for those people.



Time Dr. Freeman?
yeah i've been used to popup blocking for about 1.5-2 years now with the earlier versions of firefox (the phoenix days) and also myie2 for a while. as for the rest of the world, i think that popup advertising will most definitely take a huge hit, but there will still be a good portion of people still using either older versions of xp, or older versions of windows. i always wondered whether or not popup companies could use a different method to circumvent the blocking methods of programs like firefox and xpsp2's ie by using something other than javascript. even still, i have long awaited the day where the internet is popup and spam free, and i sense it is coming soon enough.

i also agree with NetRyder. Ad banners aren't intrusive and are good to support websites like osnn.net.

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