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The Best Browsers?


Long gone and now back!
After reading the article about Micro$oft's hidden file I wonder:

Wich browser is best (except IE)? Please give some why's, pros and cons...


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I still like IE. Its fast, and compatble with more sites/safe scripting then most others (if you look netscape cuts off the xp-erience.org top banner)



other than IE i use netscape but the last time i used netscape was at least a year ago


Netscape screwed the pooch with 6.X. 6.2 is much better then any other 6.X but it is unstable, slow and no one codes for it anymore. Im not worried about microsoft poking through my computer to see what websites i go to nor do i think they will do that...and unless you have some pretty tech savy people you wanna keep your tracks hidden your safe...and if they are tech savy make your files private...Everyone is quick to say this is like spyware...but there is no reports of it being sent out or read by anyone...and is it to hard to think that microsoft maybe just did bad programming...not like they havent in the past...(im going to jump in the pool and prepare for the flame)...

P.S. i dont think it was bad programing i think it was probably intentional for some reason..just throwing out the possibility.


Long gone and now back!
At least I know that some browsers tend to mess upp the html-code on some pages (like Opera). I tried Netscape, but I didn't like it so much... It wasn't customizeable enough. I'll try Opera again...
i used to like opera a lot.... but now i don't think they can claim to be the fastest browser anymore... IE 6 is real fast... i missed opera layout so now i use smart explorer..... an SDI interface for IE....

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