The beaters of HL2


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I am on chapter 8 with all the Antilions and so on right now, should have it completed in about another day or so methinks :D


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I just started chapter nine today. I hope to finish it by morning.
:) It's a really awesome game but almost feels like it's too short.


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Peewit said:
I just started chapter nine today. I hope to finish it by morning.
:) It's a really awesome game but almost feels like it's too short.

I thought it was short as well, but look back at what you have done, there is more than it seems


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i play about 3 hours at a time, i've just gotten to the part where you have a pack of antlions following you around...i love it


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finished about 5 minutes ago and wow it was amazing...did a lot traveled a far distance and lots of different pc game ever? Not to sure about that but it was one of the best I have ever played


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vern said:
I'm 20 minutes into the game. Haven't had time to put much time into it.
Nah, it doesn't require a whole lot of effort to beat. I think that's where Halo 2 might be a little superior since it's a real challenge to get through on Legendary playing by yourself.
logisticprism said:
i just got to "highway 17." i dunno what chapter that is though. wow. this game seems so short...i need more!!!
Keep going. I was on Highway 17 about 3-4 hours ago.

I've just got to the 'Follow Freeman' chapter which basically appears to be
a Snipers alley that you have to get through to help Barney


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finished it earlier today, just been playing the benefactory levels since then and making messes throwing combine troops around with the modded gravity gun :)

is it me or is the gravity gun a helluva lot more powerful now as well, its able to reach things a lot further away now


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Yeah, the mod gravity gun rules, does seem to have further reach. Its great to pick people up by various limbs and swing them around lol :)
I Did It!!!

:D WooHoo :D Finished It.
It's rare for me to play a game to the end, but this one passed the grade ;)

What am I gonna do now? Go out in the evening, down to the pub, cinema, possibly go to the gym?

Nah! Start HL2 again on a harder level :D
There isn't much of a replay value to it. I tried, but after you figure out the puzzles and what not, it goes by way too fast, even on hard.

It was a great game first time through. Sucks there is no multiplayer, and no I do not consider CS:S to be a multiplayer for HL2. No matter how you look at it, its multiplayer for HL1, just a little "prettier".

As far as HL3:


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Stuck on Follow Freeman

Seems to be people here who have finished HL2 - you may be able to help! I'm stuck on Follow Freeman. It's where Barney asks you to lob a couple of grenades to dispose of the snipers. I've killed everything I can find and he just sits there motionless. I have tried starting the level from the beginning as I thought the game itself was malfunctioning, but it made no difference. I can't find anyone shooting at all - I've killed all the snipers I can see. Am I missing something?
Anyone remember Max Payne 2? Same thing happened. It was a great game, widely awaited game. But beatable in one sitting easily. I beat it in under 8 hours the first time I played. One sitting, no bathroom breaks. lol

I'm holding off on HL2 to get the general response. Seems like it's a good game.

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