testing hard drives


Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

I would like to know if there is something out there that I can test the health of my two 320gig seagates.

I downloaded their seatools iso from their site, and burned up a cd, but sadly realized during the process that seatools requires PS2 mouse/keyboard. I tried my little usb2ps2 connectors and it wouldn't work.

I would need something to boot from cd like memtest86 because I have no OS's on the HD's and I am building a new Linux workstation for myself.


strange - I can use seatools for dos with my usb keyboard and mouse... get a hold of hirens boot cd and use the tools on that :)
Great thanks for the recommendation.

I have heard of Hirens boot cd, but never had a chance to try it.

I use USB mouse/keyboard (through a KVM even) and "SeaTools for Windows" works just fine (don't have to leave Windows). I've also used the CD version with USB mouse/kb and it worked fine.
The Ultimate Boot CD is good too, it contains all the various tools on the CD and I have never had issues running any of the tools using a USB keyboard!
Maybe it is just this M2A-VM Asus board that I have.

check in the bios, i had to turn on usb for dos on one board i had windows it was fine
Some older boards do not support USB in dos unless you load the driver.

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