Test your net speed!


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Go to speedtest.net to test your Internet speeds.

It has the advantage of having a nice UI with good feedback during testing. It claims my system has 1.2 Mbps downstream and 108 Kbps upstream speed.

Members post your results here so that we can see the net speeds provided by ISP's worldwide !!!!!

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Re: Test your net speed!!!

data centre and corp networks don't count as they are not "yours" cheaters!!!!! :D


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Re: Test your net speed!!!

Hey gonaads.. saw your "test" and my first and realized it was from you and my first thought was, "yup.. that's a gonaads photoshop special" :)


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Re: Test your net speed!!!

You had to think to acknowledge that? :smoker:

I'll post my home network when I get home.


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Re: Test your net speed!!!

Mine has been running different speeds this month. THis one is like the avg i been getting. My upload has been about the same.

this is a wireless one..... I just catch this signal from someone.. lol it never goes down

My upload is faster then anyone near me. The max out for comcast in my are is actually 700 kb. But i get 2mb all the time
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