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Terrorist Attack in Jeddah


High On Life!
well today another terrorist act of cowardness took place but not where i am, but where electro slime is, jeddah, on the american consulate. till now local news says 3 of the terrorist have been killed and i think it said 2 captured, not really good in listening to the arabic radio. also 4 saudi army personle have been killed. they locked down our school until a while ago and let us out

More Info Here


I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to try and live a 'normal life' in the middle east these days.
hey i was at school when it happened.......
i was playing soccer (trying to play atleast) when these american teachers started commin out , they are all makin calls on their cell phones, probably calling their husbands. Then i saw about a dozen security helicopters overhead, it was crazy! At that time i didnt know what was happening........but then one of the guards started yellin at us and told us to get inside.....later i learnt it was a bomb!

man watta crazy day!, but i think school will be closed for the next 2 days!
I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to try and live a 'normal life' in the middle east these days.
i would say its pretty much like anywhere else, minus the women in their ninja costumes!

You know the thing they wear (Abya) is not really a requirement of Islam, its just Saudi tradition just like the the blue ones they wear in Afghanistan. Islam only requires women to wear modest clothes (ie not low cut,semi transparent u know!) in front of men who they are not related to, also women are required to wear the head scarf (Hijab) when they go out.

You should see them at the parties, when they enter they are all covered up, but as soon we get the party started (Pink anyone?) they throw away thier ninja costumes and start dancing around in more......um what should I say....not very modest clothes........from low cut to sometimes very disturbingly tranparent clothes!

And believe it or not we even have alcohol (i dont drink, dont smoke either. Im a good boy :) ) although they are smuggled in from Dubai, Lebanon and Egypt!

At the end of the day i guess everyone is just the same, no matter what their faith.......

But then again I would much rather like to spend the rest of my life back in home country rather then here.......

Cheers Y'all............

ohoho guys, one more thing......... i would really appreciate it if everyone stopped misspelling my nick, its Elektro Slime not Electro Slime...thanx!

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