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Tenacious D

listen to them a few times, i promise you, you'll get bored. 90% of it all all fart humor, but listen to that other snippet a few times and you'll get bored.

christ sake man, listen to some real music.


lol, thats hardly my favorite band.... I just said they were funny. Do you think thats the only people I listen to out of 600 mp3's? I think not...
still, they are pretty terrible. on the plus side, they probably wont release a 2nd album, i mean, theres only so far you can go with songs about 'boobies' and repetitive references to smoking pot.
i agree with the above statements, they are 2 losers relying on humor NOT MUSICAL ABILITY to sell records to make up for their crappy acting careers

and that damn tribute video is never off kerrang..
pretty damn well, you? what a conincidence meeting you here, i just signed up cause xp was screwing up and i needed advice from higher class nerds.
got.. er.. primal screams album 'evil heat' alan partridge dvd, some clothes from cult, whatever else.. get anything nice yourself?

my version of word ****ed, check my last posts if you really care. im about to go offline.

no cursing, ****. why the **** not
very clever.

ill add you to aim tomorrow night, if you want. i got no sleep last night, and i wont get anymore with school on monday.


I didn't know this particular group of people didn't like to have a good laugh every once in a while. Sorry for posting. And BTW hybrid... This is a forum with thousands of users on it, I could care less about what ONE person thinks about my grammar.

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