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Temperature question??



Just got my new machine!!!

Okay now for the question.

My current temps are as follows:
{Courtesy of MBM5}

Case: 43 degrees celsius
CPU: 78 degrees celsius

Are the temps normal?


OSNN Advanced
ouch! the cpu shouldn't be that high if the case is that low.

normal temp can range between 35C to 70C for both areas concerned, but they both should fall under similar temps, i.e case:43C and cpu: 47C approx.

you better check that your HSF if fitted properly on the cpu before you do any damage to it.
it'll heat up even more when you start playing games and using other software that takes up a lot of cpu resources.


Do you think (maybe) that MBM is reading the temps wrong?
Because when i check the CPU temp using CMOS or BIOS,
it reads 54 - 56C...

Just as I suspected maybe it WAS reading it wrong.
Okay. Just a question.

My sensor type is an ITE IT8705F.

In MBM5 there is a setting under "Temperatures", named "Should display board sensor" wherein you could choose a sensor.

There are 6 choices:

Sis950/ITE8705F-1 Diode
Sis950/ITE8705F-2 Diode
Sis950/ITE8705F-3 Diode

What should I choose? They all read different temps!!

:confused: :confused:
The one in the bios is right. That's the manufacturers reading.

43 case, 57 CPU is high for both if you want to overclock. Especially if those are idle temp's (not doing much but sitting there).

MB temps vary from 30-45 C depending on your cooling (more fans, lower temp).

CPU temps vary from 35-60 C. Anything over 60 C is a bad idea. It causes long term degradation of the CPU. The CPU will heat up 3-5 deg C when into heavy gaming.

Off the shelf PC's have notoriously bad cooling (case and CPU) so don't plan on overclcoking until you get better cooling in there. I'd go after the case temp first since it also raises the CPU temp.

PS Wait a few weeks to make sure the system is completely stable before trying any overclocking. RMA's are a lot easier if you can say you haven't messed with anything...


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yea those temps are high, my system under full load (wich it always is cause I run SETI 24/7) runs case 36, CPU 44. More than likley the comp has a factory heatsink and fan, which are just enough so the pc doesn't melt down but are by far sub-standard for todays computing/gaming enviroment. I would look into upgrading these asap.

For MBM 5 if you goto their site they list many setup configs for different mobo's. So I would check that out and see if your mobo is listed and set MBM accordingly, if not then you have to use trial and error and see which settings are the closest to the Bios readings.


If I install a thermaltake volcano 9 coolmod on my pc, would it help in keeping the temps down?

It's very weird that i have a high temp. I already have 3 fans running in my pc.
What does the Bios say the Temps are? Run for 30 minutes gaming. Then reboot and check the temps in bios as fast as you can. That will give you a good check of what they are under load.
volcano 9 does a great job of cooling. Only problem is that it's somewhat loud. My temps are: case 33c, cpu 44c. AMD 2700+ overclocked to 2800+.


Ok. I'm gonna buy volcano 9.

My temps stay between 56-58C after playing NFS:Underground for about an hour or two.


The Voices Talk to Me
Originally posted by slayer[X]
If I install a thermaltake volcano 9 coolmod on my pc, would it help in keeping the temps down?

It's very weird that i have a high temp. I already have 3 fans running in my pc.
Not trying to be offensive, but many companies/folks play up the number of fans in their/a case, but the air-flow design means more than the number of fans. You could have 20 fans, but if the air flow design is poor, the cooling effect will be poor. Where as you could have 2 fans but an excellent air flow design that will keep a system much cooler than having those 20 fans.

I have 3 case fans plus the PSU dual fans, I spent alot of time working on the air flow design and it is still not as good as it could be.
Maveric, you sound just like me :p
I spent a while working out how to get best cooling, I have round cables etc to maximize it.
And to top it all off I have blue case lighting :D
I have a blue sound activated cold cathode tube, and my 3 case fans are blue too! :)
Need the model number or some internal pictures to judge. Key things to check:

BIG air louvres in front.

2 fans on front (1 at bottom, 1 blowing across HD bays.

1 on back just under power supply.

Power supply should be above the CPU fan not covering it.

Wire finger guard over fans, not punched metal of chasis.

Another side fan blowing into the case by the video card is good too, but unless you're running a 5700+ or 9700+ is optinal.


I dont know the model #.
I even dont have a internal pic.

I'll just desribe it.

1 fan on the side.(where you open the cpu to put hardware etc.)
1 fan below the power supply.
Power supply is above the cpu fan.
1 fan below the vid card.
1 fan at the back of the power supply.(the one that comes with it already)


I think none.
BTW what front? Can you describe where it is?(Near the hdd or the cd-rom or something?)

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