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Temp Folder Error


OSNN Veteran Original
I am getting this error, at first I thought it was only one program but its anything I try to install.

Just happened within the last couple hours. Cause about 2 or 3 hours ago I installed an update to the Cheat Happens Trainer Manager.

Any ideas? (Windows 7 64bit)

*edit most programs give me the first error, but another app gives me this one.


Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Hmm try right clicking and running as administrator?
Also open up that folder while the installer is running and see what it is trying to do.


OSNN Veteran Original
I tried admin an no change, and it shouldn't matter, it suddenly changed, installing anything was working a couple hours ago, now nothing can be installed.

And what do you mean? Go to the temp folder? I checked that folder, no issues there.


OSNN Veteran Original
Did not seem to help.

I just looked and I have a folder called AppData as well as Application Data, AppData I can access just fine, I try clicking on Application Data and says I do not have access (no options in properties to change either). Now I have tried to install 7 different programs, all giving errors. I just installed utorrent update, and it worked.

Does different programs use different temp folders? What is wrong with the Application Data folder?

Electronic Punk

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Some folders are really just there as a legacy thing and just redirect to the new path.

Type %appdata% in the start menu to get to it, then move up a folder. Temp is using in local..


.. Commodore ..
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Right click on the folder and select take ownership. That is one of the biggest annoyances of windows7. I don't like the permission sequence at all.


OSNN Veteran Original
There is no Take Ownership option, I don't have UAC enabled.

Why does the weirdest things happen to me, nothing changed lol


OSNN Veteran Original
So I deleted all the files I downloaded to install. They were all from Filehippo. Never had issues before, and these downloaded without issue this time as well. They were full size and everything.

But I re-downloaded them, and all worked like they should. So that was weird? lol
Hmmmm...I seem to also remember that the problem only affected 32-bit; oh well.

I didn't read your previous message that indicated that it seems you solved the problem. Strange, indeed!

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