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telephone dial-up hackers

is it possible to be online using Dial-up, receive a phonecall that sounds like a modem, and have it connect to your computer and hack you?

i just got 3 calls like that sounded like modem sounds, and 1 call before i let it go through, and my 56k modem started to connect as if i started it or something, then failed to initiate a connection.

i didnt realize my 56k modem was plugged in, since i've been using DSL for the last year and a half.


The Voices Talk to Me
Yes it is VERY possible. This is how the OLD bbs's worked, and the principle has not changed. If you have a software firewall this shouldn't be an issue, but you can enable the widows firewall on your dial-up connection to help protect it.
but it tried to open my connection, i dont have a fax machine, or have fax software set up, so if it was a fax, i wouldnt have gotten it.


The Voices Talk to Me
Originally posted by Enyo
No its no possible! This branch of Phreaking is way past it.

You can't send a signal down the line to your modem and have it open the gates of your computer!

Under certain circumstances it may be able to force the modem to dial out remotely or for someone to be able to dial in to your modem but then no service is available your end to allow a remote user to connect.
Not so ENYO. I can use PCANYWHERE, dial the phone number that my pc in california is connected to and can make a connection. Now this is because I have remote access enabled on that machine. But again this is because I have remote access enabled and PCAnywhere installed. So it is VERY possible to do this. But if he dosn't have remote access enabled and configured, or any programs for remote access then you are correct they probley couldn't even make a connection, it would ring the modem, but there wouldn't be software or services to make a connection to so it would drop the connection.

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