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taskbar music player?



How do I get that taskbar music player back? I had it a while ago, but i reformatted and can't find it again. Someone said it came with WMP9, but i've never used that before, but used to have the music player.... and I tried XP power toys but couldnt find the one that included that... anyone know where i can get it?


hey SPeedY_B, thats what im thinking of, but I cant find it ANYWHERE... even on MS's main site... can anyone find a link to it or anything?


nevermind, i found it it wasn't in any of the seperate files, i hadda get the original full powertoys, thanks everyone.


I may actually be insane.
It should be in the official Microsoft Powertoys as far as im concerned, its a nice little app.
It was probably just some sort of test for Windows Media Player 9


I may actually be insane.
You can get a plugin for windows media player (8 only i think *shrug* ) that allows you to use Winamp 2.x skins for it, cant remember where the heck its from, but i remember thinking it was cool when i used it :D


I may actually be insane.

Ahar, im not going senile!
here is the "PowerToys for Windows Media Player for Windows XP"

Which includes a converter so you can use Winamp (2.x) skins with Windows Media Player. Here's the description...

Windows Media Player Skin Importer
Windows Media Player Skin Importer enables you to convert Winamp skins into Windows Media Player skins.

For better conversion results, download the Winamp 2.x Base Skin (Baseskin.zip) from the Winamp Web site (http://www.winamp.com).

Place the Baseskin.zip file either in your Winamp skins directory or in the same directory as the skins to convert. If a skin is missing files, Wa2WMP will retrieve those files from the Baseskin.zip file.

To convert a single skin

* Right-click on a Winamp skin file (with a .wsz file name extension), and then click Convert to Windows Media Player Skin.

The skin is converted and a Windows Media Player compatible skin is created in the same directory.

To convert multiple skins

1. Run Wa2wmp.exe.
2. Choose a location from which to import all of the files with .wsz and .zip file name extensions.

Windows Media Player Skin Importer converts all the files in the source directory and creates Windows Media Player compatible skins in the directory you specify.

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