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System Restore


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Should I keep my giant system restore points folder now that I have my computer running great or should I erase them all and just create one for the way it is now? Space Monger shows the system restore folder taking 1.5 gigs of HD space and I am down to 38% free on my OS HD.

Also, is there a way to erase certain restore points and keep others?


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It all depends, if I have my system running how i want, no problems, but not that much harddrive space, i would delete. U have enough space, leave it how it is, dosen't matter.

Not sure about the eraseing certain ones, im assuming there is


Here is the most complete informational link I have found on System Restore!

In answer to your question about keeping certain ones and erasing others, see the "Can I make System Restore permanently store a restore point so it is always available to restore to?" section in the link above! Simply put the answer is no!

Also if space is a concern on your HHD see the section titled "How can I adjust how much space System Restore uses on my disk?" in the link above also!

Hope this helps you out!
You can remove older rstore points by reducing the restore file size limit or turn off restore to purge the whole mess.

After a major change when everything is working I wipe the fiel snd start over. The last thing you want is to be stepping backwards to restore points that were unstable or support the wrong harwdare configuration.

Speaking of which... BRB my new STAT HD is working fine. Time to purge all the IDE HD restore points.

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