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I dont know if you allow this but i got something to share.

I often find people asking me how they can find out their ip, hostname, hdd capacity and other information about their system... mainly beginners. So anyway i decided to code this little program that returns info about your PC without the need of knowing how to look round your computer to find it out, i'm sure there are alot of these but here it is anyway.

You simply click grab! and it retrieves the info. You can copy n paste all the info to other places so theres no need for writing stuff out. and you can also save it all to a log file! this is good for giving information when requesting help and needing some info fast at hand. most advanced users wont need this, but beginners will.

hope it comes to any use for some people.

you can download the file from:

been tested for bugs viruses ect and its clean, makes no changes to your computer what so ever.

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forcer, this is small and fast

I would change the 2000 to read nt kernal

more generic then 2000

have you taken a look at aida?

Perris Calderon

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the best system info utility on the market.

if this cost money, I would buy it

I will use yours quite a bit though, as it's instantaneous.

nice job

maybe get some plug ins going, like cool mon has.

this way the app can be as small or as large as the individual wants it.

again, real nice job

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