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Switch or a router ?


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My home network usies Linksys BEFSR41 router to share cable interner. All the rooms in the house are connected to router's ports. In one room I need to use more than 1 computer. Should I use a switch or a router (both of them are comparably priced and one doesn't have price advanatage over the other) ?



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Right, if you already have a router then all you need is a hub to connect to the router's uplink port.


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So a router will be overkill ? I thought I will buy a router for 20C$ and use it as router (has more features) and use the existing 6yr old router as a switch.

Should I go for a hub or a switch. Both are priced about the same.



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You already have a router. All you need is a way to add more connections to it. A 4 port hub will do the trick.

Take your existing router and run the line from port 4 (for example) to the hub's uplink port.

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