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Swiftech MCX 462+ or Thermalright SLK-800


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i would consider the slk-900u over the slk-800. the 900u is the next generation and can accommodate a nice, large (quiet!) 92mm fan.

the mcx462+ is very nice, though. better than the slk-800, i'm sure. but between it and the slk-900u, i really don't know which would be better.


I was looking at the SLK-900 but i was told it wouldnt fit on a asus a7n8x mobo. :eek:


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I have a ThermalTake Vocano 11 running a 2500+ at 2.2ghz without bumping the Vcore which about a 3050+ haha :) but yah If I had the extra money to blow I would go for a SLK900u also but since you said you don't think it will fit you could try the volcano 11


hardware monkey
Originally posted by silky62678
I was looking at the SLK-900 but i was told it wouldnt fit on a asus a7n8x mobo. :eek:
thermalright says it'll fit... just "major bending of capacitors required"... :p


Ha Ha, no bending for me. im thinking of a thermaltake Vocano 11 "stay with the whole thermaltake theme":cool:


Cant the valcano 11 match up to the Swiftech MCX 462+ and Thermalright SLK-800?
I'm very happy with my SLK-800. Using a not-so-loud 80mm fan and it cools great. My idle temp is about 33°C, load temp is about 38°C with a XP2000+ Palo core O/C to 1738MHz.

I imagine the SLK-900 cools better since the 800 is better than the 600. No experience with the Swiftech so can't say.

Overclockers.com has a chart showing the relative performance scores: http://www.overclockers.com/articles373/


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I love the Swiftech MCX 462+. With a Thermaltake Smart Fan II running at about half speed, I'm usually around 38-42 C (depending on the weather). You'll have to take out your mobo, though. The Swiftech is a screw-on heatsink.



Do u really have to take the mobo out to install the heatsink. Even if u have the 4 screw holes around the CPU slot? Sounds like alot of work.


hardware monkey
it is a job the first time you install it... but after you get the standoffs installed. taking the heatink off and on each time after that is a matter of 4 screws without removing hte motherboard. and if you transport your case at all, the screw-on type heatsinks are a very good idea. a lot more trustworthy than the plastic tabs on the socket.


I'm gonna get the SLK-800 and an Antec Smartfan..

Silky, I just got the Thermaltake V1000D.. Big Blue that is.. fantastic case.. I can't wait to get a quieter CPU fan though.. my older TT Super Orb cools well but it noisy as.......


Yeah i love mine, somewhat wishing i got the black one now instead of the silver one:D


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Originally posted by silky62678
Does anyone know a review showing the thermaltake valcano11 and the SLK-800 ?
Well (if I remember corrrectly) there is a difference between them as the volcano11 is a complete cpu cooler (meaning it has a fan already) where as the SLK-800 is just a heatsink and you provide the fan.

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