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Sweet spot (irrelevant title but what the hell)


ho3 ho3 ho3
A cop was patrolling a local make-out spot and as he drove by he noticed a couple inside a car with the interior dome light on. He stopped to check and found a young man in the driver?s seat reading a computer magazine and a young woman in the backseat knitting. Realizing this was unusual; the officer walked up to the car and tapped on the driver?s window. He asked the man his name and what exactly he was doing.

The man looked up, rolled down the window and said, ?Evening Officer. My name is Tom and that?s my girlfriend Cathy in the back seat.?

?OK, so what are you doing?? asked the officer.

?What does it look like?? Tom answered. ?I?m reading a magazine.?

Pointing towards the young lady in the back seat, the officer asked, ?Alright, and what?s she doing??

Tom looked over his shoulder and replied, ?What does it look like? She?s knitting, sir.?

?And how old are you, Tom?? the officer asked.

?I?m 25,? Tom replied.

?And how old is she?? asked the officer.

Tom looked at his watch and said, ?Well sir, in 12 minutes she?ll be 18.?

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