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Super WinPE


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Hope this isn't against forum rules.......

Anybody here know of where one might be able to get the DVD version of Super WinPE? for those who don't know, it's a Windows Pre-Install environment... a Live CD if you prefer.


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Wow! Never knew they had such a thing on DVD/CD release. Thought all those winPE stuff were just mini projects people were working on.

Got any screen shots of what it looks like?


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i had winpe, but it didnt work for some reason, i only tryed it once on my laptop didnt work so i put it back in my cd case


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I have the DVD version of Super WinPE which is 1.3GB. But I don't remember where I got it, and don't know how I could get it to you. I got as an .iso from a friend.


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Super PE

FYI: I don't have the file name anymore since I extracted to my hard drive. I don't have it working as yet. The .iso was 1.3gb, but after I unzipped the entire iso, it was 6.1gb's. I've tried deleting everything I won't use and it still is 4.57gb> too big for a DVD. It has three version of Office, NT-W2K-W2KServer-XP-2003Server, and too much junk. I would look for a download file called "NTechDisk.iso". This one works just fine, and fits on a CD. You can always add to this.


That file obviously isn't legal.

On a general note - you don't extract isos to burn them. It's a disk image so burn it as an image. Won't boot otherwise.


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Yoyo; Sorry but I opened the .iso in IsoBuster, removed entrees to get it below 4.3GB, and IsoBuster remade a new .iso. This .iso burnt to a DVD IS bootable. As far as the file being legal, anyone can make this starting with Bart's PEBuilder and adding what they own for operating systems and programs with their own install keys.

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