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Stolen Laptop....



My Uncle's laptop was stolen about a month ago... They caught the guy but he sold it before they found him or something.... Is there anything that you could use to track down that laptop if he signed on the internet? My uncle has all of the #'s that came with the computer and he was wondering if there was a way to track whoever has it using the #'s. Anyone here heard of something like that?
the only thing i would think of is tracking the IP address.. but its abit difficult considering the IP address changes all the time :p

.. erm... i heard a story about this guy managing to find his laptop because of MSN Messenger.. he used to have MSN messenger auto come up on the start up with his name already logged on and he saw it.. and got talking.. so on and so on..

But anyways, i dont think or i havent came across anything that could find something like that.. unless the police could trace it :huh:

sorry ReCOiL :confused:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
If it is loaded with xp you could give microsoft a call & see if they can deactivate it. He won't get it back but it will be an annoyance to whoever stole it. Provided they log on that is.
Oh no sorry.. that would be helping them more than your uncle.. they wouldnt wanna give away a free copy of XP... thats a good idea Hipster.. yea.. give Microsoft a call.. they'll do it within 5seconds of the call :happy:
the only way to track a stolen laptop is where there is a device plaed in the laptop where it will be activated everytime ti is on the net. that way they can see where it is all the time, but that is only done on some expencive laptops and business ones
my dad has that on his but other than that i dont know.
so basicly.. from now on, we can plant a tracker or something into a hidden folder or something so that you are able to trace it if it were to go on a running spree. Although, having said that, that would make it alot easier for a hacker to get onto your computer.. hmm, scrap that idea :p

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