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Start Menu Icons


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So I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate and I am having issues with my start menu.

Now I have seen this happen before, usually one or two icons, but they always fixed themselves.

Basically, at least 7 icons in the All Programs in the start menu, as well as the main Start Menu view are gone, it has that no icon icon lol

I looked at each of them, and they all also have missing icons in the program files directory, and if I right click to change the icon, the icon is still there. They all run properly as well.

Any ideas?

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Delete IconCache.db in your C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local folder then reboot

That folder is hidden so you will have to adjust folder options to see it.


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re-install of the applications? There are 4 of them (thought there was more)

What are the chances of a bad corrupted install of 4 different applications? lol Plus, that all run fine.

*just reinstalled one of them to see, still the same, WTF!


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If it was, wouldn't everyone come across it.

But yea I really wish I had money for a new system, its been awhile now with many weird issues, over many new installs and formats. Something or things are clearly dieing in my system lol
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Also make sure you untick "icon cache" in ccleaner if you have the option - that causes the problem for me.

As to the new pc thing, I agree. I've got 2 sticks of dead ocz memory on my desk, 1 each from a different pair, hard disks that are slowly failing from old age, a mainboard that keeps randomly freezing. Something is causing memory related bsods (probably the rest of the memory failing.. Going to cost about £2000 to do a proper replace/upgrade job or £600 on the cheap.

Add to that £250 for a new bulb for my rear-projection TV and being unemployed....


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Yea the icon cache thing isn't checked, and if it was just cache they would have been repaired by now buy are still the same.

Basically I just need a new system with all the other problems I am having, and don't have the money for it :(

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