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Spybot 1.3.1


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Thanks ... must have just happend in the past couple hours .. I checked this morning and wasn't any updates. :p
Seems this update could be beta, the update usually says if its a beta update though. This would explain why it is not showing up for some of you, beta updates must be turned on in the settings. I'll keep an eye out for a change log.

First forum post regarding 1.3.1, this person seems to think its a beta, he could be right.


High On Life!
Bman™ said:
hmm, nothing on mine yet.
Xie said:
Try changing mirrors ... I changed mine from default after I got nothing and found it on another I believe
thats because u both have to go to the settings and search for the tick mark that says recieve beta updates. i know spybot has a bad long list and its not very well organised to save scrolling time, but u gatta work with it.

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