Splinter Cell Patch Error...?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by slayer[X], Mar 5, 2003.

  1. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    When i update my SC to Version 1.1 , i get this annoying error that the program or the patcher had a problem. The cause of the problem was one of my maps.


    Could someone please provide me this file?
    (If legal.):confused:

    I've re-installed it but still.... damn!

    I really wanna play it now.
  2. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest


    :( Come on....

    I dont know what to do.

    If this thread is against the rules, then please close it.
  3. Kush

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    Montreal, Quebec

    well the thread doesnt but it probably means u have a warez copy of it if ur asking so many questions about it beaing legal so i would tell u go buy the original or just install the game and apply the patch without adding any no cd patches or any mods
  4. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    I borrowed the game from a friend of mine.
    i dont know if it was pirated or something.
    Well.... ty anywayz.
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Make sure you have the right patch.
    There is a european / usa version of the patch, if you have tried one try the other.

    Your mate may have been in a different country when he bought the game, so the obvious choice may be incorrect.
  6. Vibe69

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    u got the warez copy of it bad boy u are buy the real thing :mad: