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Sound Card Advice, pretty please


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I need some advice from the Hardware Gods

After Upgrading my Mobo etc I've been having real probs with my soundcard.

I have a SB Live 5.1 Plat it keeps BSODing and I was wondering if there is an alternative out there. I really want to have a "live drive" type thing.

(I've tried the VIA PCI Latency Patch, the VIA SB Patch, the alternative drivers (Thanks BonyTony) messed about with pci slots, manually set IRQs. So I think I've tried as much as possible. If I haven't just say so)

I don't want ANY creative products as thier XP support is crap
I've had the following creative products and only ever had bother with them

TNT2 Ultra (had to use nvidia from day 1)
PC DVD DXR3 (had to use realmagic hollywood plus drivers)
SB AWE 64 (wasn't bad but drivers where buggy)

So I don't want to give them anymore money so that rules out the audigy platium

Any thoughts

MSI KT4V-L (KT400) mobo
AMD 2000+
512MB PC333
GeForce 2 mx400
realtek 10/100 5 port PCI hub
DXr3 DVD Card
i have never had any truble with the aduigy but if creative is out then the hurcles is a good alternative or sandstorm, thoes are the only ones that i know of off the top of my head


Livedrive alternative

Sorry dude, all the sound cards other people mentioned here are good as far as i know (especially turtle beach) but i don't think any of them have something that will replace your livedrive.


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Ziptrx U Da Man !!!!

Cheers for that thats exactly the sort of thing I was looking for I wasn't even aware they made sound products the DMX 6fire24/96 looks like to job for me. Just DL'd the manual to make sure it's the sort of thing I'm after.

Hmmm now the hard part to see if I can get a cheap supplier

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