Soul Calibur IV


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I have a questions for you all
Does anyone here play Soul Calibur IV?

I am playing it, what is your thoughts on the game (if you have it)?
And is anyone up for matching on the Xbox 360 version?

Just making connections and all.

Oh and if anyone has checked around for Create a Soul in depth, does anyone know of any good places that have details to make good create a soul people?


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well it came out on the 29th of July in US, 1st of August in Europe and 30th of July for everywhere else (Well I guess I should say major places).

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Got it yesterday :)
Yoda is done quite nicely though not really necessary, best ever extra character was Link on the game cube :D


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I plan on picking it up for my PS3. from what I have read, Vader is awesome.
I still play the original on my Dreamcast. which is still the best version imo

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