Sorry, but this irritates me


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Xsivforce, this is a complaint about you, as a forum moderator (not to you as a person, I wouldn't dare:p ). I've been to some threads where the 's'-word (edit this!) is replaced by you with 'poopoo'. I thought that the 's'-word was common used language? I mean, just open any magazine and the 's'-word is used somewhere inside it. On almost every television program (except for the American ones, you weak yankees!) the word is pronounced more than once. I don't think anyone is offended when you use the 's'-word.
I'm sorry X, but I just had to say this (switch the 't' and 's':eek: ). When everyone uses the word, why not here?

ps. I used 'the 's'-word' instead of STS (Stuff That Smells) (ahhhh...that felt better), just in case of any problems...


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glaanieboy: I can't speak for xsivforce but I can tell you, when I edit a post for content it's done out of respect for those that are or might be offended by it.
Does it bother you that much when xsivforce changes a post word from chit to poopoo? Try making a suggestion to him of another word to use besides poopoo, something to make everyone happy yet doesn't offend any of our members or guest.

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I have to say we don't need swearing of any kind ( I have offended in the past :rolleyes: ) but equally "poopoo" seems childish.

The best idea was from dealer, variations of fujism, change it to what you like, we all know what you mean. Fujit !:D


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I'm sorry for the consternation I may have caused, that wasn't my intention. I only meant that if you use a word in everyday life, or at least everyone I know does (when you drop something very fragile/expensive, you say uhm... poopoo, right?). I should have made it clearer in my original post, but I wanted to know what everyone else thinks about this. Look, if we use 'common used language' to offend or hurt someone OK, then I agree with editing. But I can't imagine that someone is offended when the 's'-word is used in normal language, like another way to say poop(oo).

Again sorry for any confusion I may have caused, but I just wanted to make a statement.

ps. I asked the original question to X, because I only see him edit the posts with the 's'-word

[EDIT] changed 'But I can't imagine that someone is offended when the 's'-word is used.' with 'But I can't imagine that someone is offended when the 's'-word is used in normal language, like another way to say poop(oo).' [/EDIT]


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Ahh, well you probably notice X's because he post at the bottom why and for what he edited for, I don't :)

Chit isn't the only profane word used everyday for a lot of people out there, including myself :eek: But, IMO, if we start to allow members to use the 's' word it will lead to other profanity which in turn could lead to flaming. I don't think anyone wants the XP-erience community turning into a bunch of flaming.

disclaimer: These are all my opinions and not necessarly those of other mods :)


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you know I use the "s" word in my language alot, however, when I'm around other people were it might possibly offend then I don't use it.

the problem here as I see it is where do u draw the line? if u allow the "s" word, this week, next week somebody is going to complain that they can't use the "f" bomb.

Language in private is different, than language in public. and this is a public forum.


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That kind of language should only be used around people you know. Obviously you do not know everyone on this forum, therefore you don't know how they may react to the use of such words. Personally, I see no need for such words to be used in conversation. I might be American, but I choose not to use offensive words; not because I am a "Yankee," but because I believe such language need not be used.


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Originally posted by glaanieboy
OK, you got me. Bytes, Jewelzz, Iceman38: thank you for replying on this thread; I won't complain again.
if u got a complait, please air it out, always room for discussion, I was only stating my opinion, so if you got something u want to discuss, I for one would hope u would let be known. ;)


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Originally posted by glaanieboy
OK, you got me. Bytes, Jewelzz, Iceman38: thank you for replying on this thread; I won't complain again.
glaanieboy, I didn't see it as a complaint, just you voicing your opinion. If it weren't for the members complaining, suggesting, commenting or voicing their opinions XP-erience wouldn't be the best XP community on the web :D
Comments, suggestions, complaints are welcome. If we don't speak out about the site, how can it be improved. right? :)

Ok, I'm done preaching :p


Originally posted by Jewelzz

Ok, I'm done preaching :p
Nice sermon Jewellz - but all kidding aside, I understand where you are coming from and actually appreciate the mods taking the time to edit (perhaps tonedown would be a better word) a post.

Also I think it is above and beyond the call of duty for X to note that he has edited the post! Thankx X!

Perhaps my name is not liked by some - I sure hope I don't need to change it???
;) ;)


Originally posted by Iceman38
no your name doesn't offend me, it's the state your from, born and raised from Alabama.

HA - gotcha - I only live in MS (I know a suburb of AL) - I am originally from Pennsylvania!

:D :D :D


You must have heard about the difference between a yankee and a damn yankee????

The yankee comes on vacation and goes home!

A damn yankee comes on vacation and stays - been here 10 years already!

:p :p

But still being here doesn't irritate me!


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Well DUNG!!! The network was down at work and I miss all the DOOKIE! I'm home now to deal with this CRAP.

glaanieboy: is it that you need to use the "s" word?

Words like that are just "filler". If a person cannot talk without using vulgarities, their vocabulary needs some work. I use all the "bad" words on a daily certain company only. I know when not to use those words. It is common courtesy.


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Originally posted by xsivforce

glaanieboy: is it that you need to use the "s" word?
Nonononono, My statement was, when you use the word on a daily basis, why not here? But I forgot not everyone is like me and that one might feel offended by it, one way or another. Perhaps it's my education. I was permitted to use 'bad' language, as long as I kept it to myself and not against a person. But in the past years I heard swearing all around me. On television (Dutch TV, I know that American TV uses beeps on top of swearing), school, with friends and so on. But no one felt offended by that, so I thought, 'why not here at XP-erience?'. What I haven't thought about is that this is a *BIG* website with *A LOT* of members from *MANY* countries and a *HUGE* amount of cultures and that there might be people who don't like it at all. And I don't want to offend the members on this site, that's the last thing I will do. Thanks everyone for putting my feet back on the ground and xsivforce: poopoo (or whatever) as much as you like.

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