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Some Dent Icons



Some Dento Icons I made for drives and My Computer, hope you like it...
I used some icons already made, and some I made myself, so I give the credit of some of them to who made the normal icons so I could tranform in dent, but I don't remenber who :p .

You can download them here: Icons.zip
i need biggggggg help
i dload the icons
the come as .ico
how do i use em???
like...put em with the rite thing
the hd icon with the hd text in my computer
u knw wat i meannn
how do i change the icon to one of those..???
is there like.....basic steps?
i want the icons u got o_87
like u have ur desktop
tha looks niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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How to change My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, and Recycle Bin:

1.) Right - Click on your desktop, and click 'Properties'.
2.) Click on the 'Desktop' tab.
3.) Click 'Custimize Desktop'
4.) Once you do that, you should see My Computer, My Documents, etc.
5.) Select one of them, and click on change icon.
6.) Browse to the icon you want, and click ok. This way you can change the icons for My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, and Recycle Bin.

How to change Shortcut Icons:

1.) Right - click on the shortcuts whose icon you want to change and click 'Properties'.
2.) Under the 'Shortcut' tab, click on 'Change Icon'.
3.) Browse to the icon you want. Click ok.

That's basically how I customized my desktop.

and if you want your icons big like mine, do the following:

How To Make Your Icons Bigger
Start Menu->Run->"regedit"(to open registry)->HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Desktop\ Windowmetrics. Look for the Shell Icon Size Key. It will be set to match your current icon size. Right click on the key and Modify. Change the Value Data to X(X is the size you want. I recommend 72). Hit OK. Exit regedit, log out of WinXP, log back in. Your icons should be HUGE in any resolution smaller than 1280x1024.

However, the change to bigger icons is universal, meaning that ALL icons on your machine will be bigger.. including start menu... so i suggest that you have 72x72 or 96x96...

The Skin Im Using

Im using the skin called 500RS, but you need WindowsBlinds to use it. You can get the skin,here

The Wallpaper I'm Using

YOu can get the wallpaper I'm using, here

Hope this helps clear things up a bit, desimatrix



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Two things:

1st is when I try to use those dent icons, when I change desktop color in appearance/advanced/desktop the outside of the icon becomes the color I change it to. Now when I place the icon on a black portion of my desktop, its ok, but when its in the white/gray part like in your background image, it becomes blurred and looks like crap, just doesnt really blend in, like it does in yours. Any ideas?

2nd, would you mind making a quake3 dent icon, thats about the only one I need left.

Thx again, capt'n

Edit : This is aimed at o_87, even though this post isnt his :O

And, LOL to desimatrix
o_87 gone?..
could someone else help?......iz my first time hackin the reg files n stuff for the desktop and icons and all...tryin to make bgrounds like all u have:p


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No, I'm not gone.. ;)

desimatrix007, you dont 'install' icons. All you need to do is copy the icons into your 'icons' folder and then follow the steps in my reply.

Hope this makes things clear.

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