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Soldier of Fortune II

How long is the single player? and for some reason when I try to play multiplayer the entire system freezes up on me at the inital loading screen, any ideas?
why, what does overclocking effect? all other games run fine. and even if i went back to the origional speed it would not recognize my CPU as AMD XP 2000+ cause i unlocked it. i will try underclocking...


hey maybe this will help, i have the basicly the same computer.
i dont no if you have windows xp, but if so i do, my computer
always crashed playing games. from quake- ect,
i found out that instead of running in windows ntfs, run it at fat 32
and i havent had a problem since,runs awesome.

hope i could help


fat 32 is more unstable even though slightly faster as sectors are smaller.
why would anyone want to run xp-pro i fat 32 when ntfs is rock solid.
my p.c had a lot of probs from new most i havr replace part to solve until court case with Evesham but i have never had a problem with ang game in ME or XP with ntfs,some guy wrote in weeks ago saying he couldnt play any of his games ?.
i do not really want to format another drive back to Fat32, i am guessing it is because of my computer being overclocked, so when i get to a non unlocked/overclocked system i will try again.
it is ligit, the sinlge player works well and has not locked up yet. It is just that the multiplayer will not load. it did after inital install, but not after that.

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