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software for web layouts

:rolleyes: dont listen to them, notepad is for the "l33t" guys.. wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) is great, it saves a sh00t load of time, and lets you spend more time slacking off!!

A+ for Slackers!
C- for notepad (Boooo!!) :p

once you use Dreamweaver, you can look at the code, and pick up new tricks,.. and eventually when the new dreamweaver comes out, you will keep using yours, or switch to the l33t notepad because you will have learned so much....

(be light hearted, notepad guys get mad props)
newest dreamweaver can be whatever you want it to be, if your a coder then make it act like homesite....... or if you play with coldfusion theres a studio type coding screen, or the fun WYSIWYG screen but can view codeview at same time. you can watch it write the code as you go and tweak the code in it.

notepad is fun but it doesn't monitor your whole site, check links, remotely hook to and upload and whatever or monitor files(check in/out) for multiple creators like the extra dreamweaver features can.........:happy: :happy: :happy:

f- frontpage, too bloated and others like pagemill and such have faded out of limelight

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