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So here I am

Electronic Punk

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Just paid 2 euros for 30 mins in an internet cafe. The machine I was given had crashed and how to be shown how to use the computer, as if I had broken it I feel the **** would have hit the fan.

Just thought I would drop by and let you all know what has happened during the first 2-ish days of my holiday, basically so I don´t forget as you do in these places.

Friday night, we walked down to the sunset strip and watched the sun set while Pete Tong played on radio1, the place was packed and the beer was expensive... a 33cl bottle was 4 euros, in small comparison, I just bought a litre bottle of the stuff from the local spar for 1 euro.

We then decided to wonder down into the west end for a quiet night, mmediatly getting grabbed and taken into a place called Gorms. 4 euros for a drink, expensive like I said, but this one was buy one get one free, came with 2 free shots o apple schnaps and a bottle of vodka, nasty evil dirty immoral vodka. Suffice to say I got drunk and seem to remember us all crawling back home at about 7am.

Next day, or at least 4 hours later we had to get up to meet our reps, sound people who pretty much look after you and take you on the piss and that...

Got a bit of a tan then we wondered into town again for something to eat, had a dirt cheap chinese for 7 euros.

On a sidenote this keyboard has a ñ key and all the keys are in the wrong place...

We went to our first club on saturday night, a place called eden for a night called retro... not such a fan of retro music but it was only 9 euros with tickets from our reps... can´t argue and dragged everyone into the funky backroom, the floor was so slippy and I was dancing all over the place.

Once again crawled to bed about 6am, had a nice nights sleep and got up about 1, then we wondered around town for a bit and then went on a nice sunset cruise where we watched the sun set from inront of cafe del mar etc.´- saw robbie williams appartment, george micheals houe, some princess and the place in batman 3 where the bat boat came out apparently. got pissed on the boat and decided it would be a really good idea to dance until I couldn´t walk in the club, play2, that we went to.

That just about brings us to this morning, and DAMN is it going to be a busy day. I have a foam party to attend at around ¨2pm and then we are going on a pre´club barcrawl. Tonight I am going to the biggest nightclub on the planet for quite possibly teh most famous night on the planet.

Manumission, the one with the live sex shows and really freaky dancers, the dj box above the swimming pool. Anyway that will do for now as its 45 degrees here and in the name of fashion I decided to wear a black t'shirt.

I have a camera, and I am not afraid to use it!


Sounds like youre having fun... Dont forget to take pictures.

Remember to bring us all souveniers :D

I dont see your avatar so I dont know what you are talking about... /me thinks EP is still a little drunk from all the dancing and stuff :D

Have fun and hurry back.

Electronic Punk

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could well be drunk, but the last thing I wanna see is henyman what with all this rediculously fit ladies walking around.


Originally posted by Electronic Punk
could well be drunk, but the last thing I wanna see is henyman what with all this rediculously fit ladies walking around.
I agree... so what are you doing on the forums with all the ridiculously fit ladies around you... /me wonders where Electronic Pinks priorities are at :p



If you have one drink for everyone who responds to this thread - then you wouldn't need to worry about a silly old avatar!!

Enjoy M8!

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