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Smoothwall questions

ok i am in the process of making a smoothwall pc and i would lik to know, i have linksys Bf series of routers (2 of them in series) they have there so called firewall, how can i disable this firewall so it does not conflict? also does anyone here know a really dumbed down guid to install and setup smooth wall becase i have herd that it is mind boggeling.
Smoothwall is a piece of cake, it really is.

All managed via a web interface. Once its installed (which is also very easy) all you need to do access the web panel and off you go.

You dont need to disable the firewall on the router if you dont want to. The BFxxxx routers only run NAT so you can keep it enabled, its a extra layer of protection if you like.

However since you may want to disable it (once your happy with the smoothwall setup) access the routers web panel and on the advanced tab disable Block WAN Request.
I don't use it currently, but have done.

I would go with 2.0 Beta 5 but you will need to update as new builds come out.

If you want to install something, set it up and forget about it then get 1.0.

Whichever you go for make sure you apply the patches.


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I thought a smoothwall was a router, and would therefore replace the BEFSR41 device. Or is the smoothwall for a different internet line or site?

You would switch the BEFSR41 from Gateway mode into router mode then setup smoothwall as the gateway router. The BEFSR41 will then function happily as a switch.


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or replace the box name with the IP Address. Also make sure that the LAN and WAN cables are plugged into the correct cards. When i was trying Smoothwall i used two of the same kind of NICs and didnt know which one was which until i tried both.


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