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Smallville 4x06 - Transference Ending...I Missed It!

Ive seen a file on some p2p engines that says Smallville 4x06 Ending which is only 3mb, however ive been waiting for ages for it to download and it wont start, ive read abit about the ending but i want to see it for myself and dont really want to download the whole episode, so if someone could please help me get this file, it was only like 3mb i wud really appreciate it.


if u mean about the ending its spose to show something about the 3 rocks/Crystals which play a big part in this season i read.
There probably worth it tho for all the extra Features and out takes, Sayin that tho i wudnt pay the price there askin at the mo lol
My DVR at home records the show every Wednesday, since I don't have the time to watch it during the week here at uni. Then I just watch it during lunch on Saturday. :)

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