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Small Trillian problem


The Analog Kid
Finally moved back onto Trillian, but there is one problem I'm having with it. I hate the default icon, but every time I change it, it changes back eventually. How can I change it and make it stick?

For that matter, anyone got any cool Trillian icons?


.. Commodore ..
Political User
You talking about your user icon ?? If so then when you change it, it should stay. If it not staying. Maybe uninstalling it and then reinstalling it will help . .


Striking Master
It depends... are you using Pro or Regular? If you use Regular, it will only use 2 icons (the happy face or the world faces). If you use Pro, you can use whatever. I think it has something to depend on the registries in regular version.


Striking Master
then your limited unless someone knows how to hack the registry files properly (or unless you were to find a hack for trillian). But I don't know any other way then. If I was on my computer I could help you more (unfortunatly, I have laptop access only for a few days).


.. Commodore ..
Political User
You would think changing the shortcut icons would be the same as changing the shortcut icons for any program ..

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Try this:

Go into preferences>Installation and Startup and uncheck everything under shortcuts. Then del the shortcuts remaining and renmake your own.

Could be that when you launch Trillian it remakes (overwrites) the shortcut all the time.

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