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Small Home network

I have set up a small home network comprising two computers (A and B using XP pro) and a printer connected to (say) computer A. In almost every way the it works as expected. The one problem I have is that though I can see, on Computer B, the printer connected to computer A I cannot get any items printed using computer B.

Assuming you can understand this rather convoluted explanation can anyone offfer a solution?

many thanks
David Chapple


Is the printer shared on computer A? Do you have the drivers for the printer loaded on computer B?
Dumb question perhaps, but does computer B have the printer connected as a network printer and computer A as a local printer?
You missunderstood me. What I wanted to know was if computer B had the printer installed as a network printer (on \\Computer_A\Printer) rather than a local printer (on LPT1).
I missunderstood you as I do not understand the complexities of setting yp printers as you have described.

Could you tell me how to set up such a network printer and then I will know if it is there?

When on the computer (A) with the local printer I used System Info and looked at printers and I am told that there is an "Auto HP Deskjet 720 Printer set up on computer B"

presumably it is setup Ok so how do I use it?

Sounds OK I guess, except it's backwards.
1. Set up the printer normally on computer A.
2. Share the printer.
3. B might pick the printer up as Auto (like you said). If it does, everything is ok, just print to it. If not:
4. Choose to install a new printer on B.
5. Choose Network Printer instead of Local printer when asked.
6. Browse to computer A and choose the printer you shared previously.
7. I need be, install the drivers (you will be asked for them in that case).
8 Print.

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