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small cluster size.


teddy bear

i just ran a diagnostic program on my hard drive, and it says i have a 1 kb cluster size. i used the pcpitstop.com diagnostic program. is there any way i cna fix that to increas my performance?
a small cluster size means that you can store your files more effectively, but I never heard of anything going that low, which file system you using and what size hard drive. If it is NTFS then regardless of the drive size a 4Kb cluster should be used. You could try running convert.exe as that might help it converts drives to 4Kb NTFS, though I would recommend backing up your drive first.

teddy bear

yes, it is ntfs. i did a full install and had windows convert my system to ntfs at the bootup. i guess windows sucks at formatting
did you have the XP installation Convert your old hard drive to NTFS or did you do a clean install and format the drive.

I would recommend doing a NTFS format not convert from problems I had after convertion.
you've got me stumpted, have you tried looking through the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
If you havent search for
NTFS, 1KB Cluster, Cluster Size

Hope this helps, as I cant think of anything. You could try getting Partition Magic 7 it may be able to help, but I am not sure.

teddy bear

ive got partition magic 7. i will see what type of help i can get on the pcpitsotp bulletin board. thanks for the help

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