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[Slackware Linux] Uninstalling programs without original Makefile

As some of you may know, I accidentally installed the wrong version of MySQL, so I want to remove it. Normally I would do a 'make deinstall clean' in the directory from which I compiled MySQL, but I already deleted the dir and downloaded file. Does this mean I would have to redownload (and extract etc) the file, do a ./configure to generate the Makefiles and then run the 'make deinstall clean' command again? Or can I just delete the directory I installed it in (this means the entire /usr/local/mysql directory and files from /usr/bin)?
Just for future reference, when I compile stuff from source and install it using 'make install', must I leave the directory and compiled files intact to prevent this? Or can I just copy the Makefile to a specially created uninstall dir so I canrun the 'make deinstall's from there? What does anyone else do?
You could just delete the files (since Linux doesn't use a registry, or anything of the sort), but it might leave stray files that could possibly have been placed outside the directories you mentioned.

In the future, you might want to look into CheckInstall. It's an awesome way to manage source-based installations and uninstallations. Essentially, you go about it the same way (./configure, make) but you use "checkinstall" instead of "make install" as the final step. This creates a Slackware package (also works with Debian and RPM-based distros) before installing, so you can safely delete all the source files when you finish. When you decide to uninstall later, it's as simple as using Slackware's package manager to remove the package created by CheckInstall.


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