Skazzy !!!


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Wasn't me. I double check it before submitting. All tags were complete.

FEEL MY WRATH. Errrrrr, post my name??? :p :p


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Preview Preview Preview :mad: It's been fixed

You too gonaads :p You submitted one yesterday without a source. No source, it gets deleted.

<--- B!TCH :D


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If it's the complete story with no extra stuff, the I don't post the source.

Did you want it to say:

Story cortousy of: Blah Blah :confused:

If so, I with do want Hot Sexy Mama B!tch say. :D :cool:


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Your computer doesn't recognize funky charaters? That one still have ? for most symbols. I went to the source and copied it, didni't have any problems.


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I'm so so so sorry, but I haven't had the internet for a week, which I warned Jewellz of,

Got broadband installed a few days ago, now I'm all up and running, Will return to my normal routines

My apologies



Beware the G-Man
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Glad ta hear ya got the Broadband goin... an't it like night 'n day??? :happy: Everything loads soooo much quicker. :happy:


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/me plods along on his 56k Aol with 1 hour time limit:rolleyes:

but i got a unlimited usage @ skool @ superfast speeds:p

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