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A quicky....if i simply click on the banner each time i visit will that help the site?

Or do they log IP address of those who click and only allow, say, onc click per person per day?

Also, do you make more from it if i were to stay on the site longer/click more links on their site/buy something from their site??



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Every click helps the site :) As for when you're on Crucial, that I don't know. Perhaps EP, waddy or MdSalih can answer that one for you.

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To be honest I am not sure whether they just count the image being downloaded, the number of clicks, or both. They have never moaned at us other than asking that it appears more ;)

You cna help by adding [advertframe ] and [/advertframe ] in between your sig which will put the smaller banner on the left side of your sig as it is below... ;)
i beleive we are payed upon instances (views of the banner) and also on clicks... not too sure what happens if you make a perchase after being referred from us. Will ask waddy about that

so yah.. as EP mentioned above...
stick: [advertframe ] and [/advertframe ]

in your sig to show the small banner... will help support the site.. also pay for my new pet monkey.. m00 :p


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