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Silver xp theme Glitch


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
found this on many pc's, choose the silver theme (comes with windows xp)

mouse over the start button and you will see 1 pixel turn pink? :confused:

pics atached, think m$ will realese a windows update for it? :p :rolleyes:



Double O Egghead
My conspiracy therory,

The pink dot is similar to a web bug and is used to formulate the amount of clicks to a particular start menu.


But in all seriousness, It is actually a thermal sensor that is used to turn your monitor into an imaging device,

They can now make a picture of yourself right through your monitor. This is Big Brother at its best or worst. Imagine what they have already seen.....

Microsoft has developed this technology that dot dithers your screen to act as a camera receptacle. As you will see, the beta web site captures your image just as if you had the computer connected to a video cam. This technology may have been around before XP and installed on web sites without our knowledge or permission. If so, those web sites are capturing images of you unaware as you view your monitor.

Read here for more info



Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
NetRyder said:
Magic pink is the color used for transparency. The people at MS have better things to do than release a patch that fixes one pixel. :p

nah i'm sure Mr Gates has a n00b worker in the bug fixing department he can get to fix it :p


Glaanies script monkey
Political User
I think they should fix the 25 partially patched or unpatched vulnerabilities in IE, but thats just me.

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