shutdown = reboot?


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I am fed up with XP :(

new errors come up every few ays ... now whenever i shutdown ... it just reboots back ...

is it a known problem ?

please help ...


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i did that but now says this when i shutdown

"Windows is shutting down due to an error which might give problem to your comp .........


It might be of some new hardware ..............."

I recently installed my lan card but it is working fine ...
what should i do ?

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This is one of those search & destroy problems. Possibly a bad driver. Go to the device manager & disable the lan card (if it is there) or uninstall it. Then see if the problem goes away. If so the card is your problem. If not let us know.


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did that removed the card ... then installed it again with updated drivers from the net ... still no luck ... :(

i am stuck ....


Give this a read and see if there is anything there that can help you.

Is there is any more infromation on the Blue screen that can help us to isolate the problem?



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Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
Did you leave the card out to see if the problem went away or loaded it straight back up with the new driver?
i tried booting without it ... nothing changed
then i reinstalled it with new drivers ... still nothing



xp shutdown

sorry if I read you wrong,have you checked that the default isn't set to Automatically restart after error?Right click My Computer,and click properties.On the advanced tab ,under start-up and recovery click settings. The under system failureclick to clear 'automatically restart' checkbox and then hit ok.When you sutdown the blue screen shouls stay displayed long enough to record the error info.


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heres what I would do.

First check all the bios settings and make sure none of the 'wake-on *event*' settings are enabled...

Then I would verify that I have the latest bios upgrade

Then if the problem still persists, I would systematically remove everthing but the video card and proceed to add each device until I determined the perpetrator.



Try this:

Click space on desktop.
Create new shortcut.
In box type in: SHUTDOWN.exe -s -t 01
Then finish.

Then double click it to shut down.

It will also show naughty programs that need to be forced to shut down by this method.

I use it as a quick shortcut to shut down.

I stick it on quick launch change it's icon to shell icons for shut down.

Hope you sort it out, we all want smooth sexy legs, oopps working systems.

be sexy Leevoy:)))))

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