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show desktop from taskbar


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some how last night i dragged the show desktop button off my taskbar and now i can't get it back. is there any way to restore this very useful button to my taskbar?


Perris Calderon

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mgiht not have to recreate it if it's still in the folder

create a shortcut with this...

create a shortcut with this target;

right click the desktop, hit new, hit shortcut
paste this into the target;

"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Show Desktop.scf"

with the qoutes

drag that shortcut to the quick launch bar

also, once you start using windows key+d you'll never use the shortcut again...try that, you'll love it
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Perris Calderon

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hey!...new tweak!!!

after you create the desktop shortcut with the target I just gave you, right click while the shortcut is on your desktop

put your cursor in the "shortcut" key and hit "f8" if you don't use that f key for anything else

hit apply, hen all you have to do is hit f8 and you have your desktop!

I just tried that with f7...pretty cool, I turned a two key shortcut into a one key shortcut, I wonder if it's worth it
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Moozically Con~foozed
win key + D does the same thing and press it again and it all comes back ... thats in response to the new tweak post !



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Hi guys, I having some problem with my desktop.... I cant displayed my themes and background pics... i have done all the necessary stuff like reset my themes and background pics, refresh my screen and etc... below is the attachment of a pic how my desktop now look like.. jus dunno why the window wont minimize or close. i tried restart my computer and relog in and it still show me the same thing at my desktop... any clues? Need reply ASAP thx...


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