short somewhere on my motherboard tray, troubleshooting help


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i bought a new motherboard, and it works perfectly out of box, but when it mount it onto my motherboard tray it doesn't work. i think this is because there is a short somewhere on the tray(maybe i bent something on the tray). when i looked more closely at the tray, i saw that somehow when i built my computer initially i had put 11 brass mounting spacers on the tray instead of 10, and that 1 of them was extra and out of place (meaning no hole on the motherboard lined up with it). do you think that could be causing the short? any other tips or troubleshooting help would be much appreciated.


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Yea I would say try removing the extra spacer. I had the same problem, my case didn't have enough support for the mobo, so putting in PCI cards it would flex and they wouldn't seat right. So I added a few, but of course the PC would power up with them in, so I had to remove them.


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Just a tip everytime you install a mobo get a sheet of paper/cardboard and slide it under the motherboard, if you know theres a spacer there it's cool keep searching then if you find a blockage and you didn't know a spacer was there then you know :).

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