Sharm Explosion


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i was just chilling in bed here and all of a sudden there was a huge explosion and now i can hear sirens, hopefully its not terrorists :S nothing as of yet on cnn too early


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im not too sure, i heard its in the hilton resedence or something like that? (if that exists) i should have the scoop in a bit, my bro in law is the search and rescue here so he will know for sure, all i hear now is sirens


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ok now im told there might of been another one, and the first one (loudest) was in the marketplace, still dont know what it was


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ok they were in albatros hotel (thats very close to me) and another in ghzala gardens hotel, alot of people dead (wow i just heard that there were 7 explosions)


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saw this on reuters.
CAIRO (Reuters) - Explosions in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday killed at least 20 people and wounded about 100, a rescue official said.

Police said the explosions were caused by four car bombs in Sharm el-Sheikh and the nearby resort of Naama Bay.

The explosions caused pandemonium in the resort as people rushed to go home for fear of more car bombs, said one resident, who asked not to be named.


High On Life!
ok for sure there is at least 25 dead, by the way people the news reports that sharm and namma bay are two separte things, but this all really one place, but just a bit from each other. (one City) and the ghazala gardens hotel doesnt exist anymore. its very very damaged if not completley destroyed


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Be careful mafia and don't go and stroll down there to see. Stay home stay safe.

Damn, what a fvcked up world we live in. :(


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Make sure to stay inside and make sure you have some supplies around incase you need them. Dont answer the door, Fedex or no, just dont. I would just stayhome till you get an all clear from the city or something. *sigh* is this the best we can do?

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