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server rack to work with Dell server


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At work we have some Dell xSeries servers (3 xSeries 306's) and the mounting rails that came with them. We need a server rack, square with vertical rails in front and back. I've never looked at racks before so I'm not sure if they are all compatible with our servers. With only the 3 servers we just need something probably 36"-50" tall. No need for doors or anything fancy.

Reps to anyone who can provide some good links and information. :)


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I have never had a problem with holes being the wrong size. However, as I earlier mentioned their customer service is awesome. If you have specific questions about certain models, give them a ring.


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There is a standard for racks. APC includes extra hardware for oddball servers. NetShelters support both HP and Dell.


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there are many different types of rack rails systems most of them are either drilled/tapped at 8/32nds or 10/32nds

OR they have a square punched rails which require inserts to accomodate the 8/32 and 10/32 fastening screws..

there are tons of rack manufacturers... pick one and try and stay with them... we have both here and it becomes a pain to know which rack in which server room, is which type, so much so that we made an excel spreadsheet with that information... :rolleyes:

EDIT: also, try and stay consistent from one place to another with the type/size of the racks... even if they have the same rail system, you could end up with tons of 5, 6 and 7 foot racks... looks kinds goofy.... go with the tallest your spaces will allow it saves more room for working behind the racks :)

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