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Server Case


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So I am going to start to build my server. Currently I don't know if it's going to be a media server or just holding the files. Either way I don't think a media server needs much.

I was thinking about finding one of those types of cases that dell has, the skinny lay down type of cases. Though I am not sure because it needs to hold enough hard drives. What would be the best server case, where holds tons of hard drives but does not take up too much room. And the amount of hard drives depend on the case and motherboard correct?

Actually, lets make this my server thread. I don't want to spent too much money on the server (excluding disk space). Something like $200 or so. I assume I don't need much more then that to hold files correct.

Where would you start. I have had other threads related, talking about how to hold the data, raid or not, and a few other things. This will be more detailed.

Admiral Michael

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Some of those Mini Tower cases are quite nice. Yea currently I plan on starting with 4 1TB drives, so the case you have would be fine. But I plan on getting more eventually, I think. It's a hard choice.

And in terms of a mini atx motherboard....whats a good cheap choice?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I would rather have fewer larger drives than more smaller drives (2x2TB rather then 4x1TB). Less power consumption as well.

Also the board I have I got for free from a friend. Just had to supply a CPU which I took from my desktop and then upgraded my desktop (AMD Athlon X2 4600 to a X2 5400).


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Yes, I think like you as well, more large drives. Though those 2TB drives are very expensive right now, around 350CAD.

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