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Securing a laptop


ho3 ho3 ho3
Lo people,
We run a Active Directory system on our network. We have laptops which staff can use that cache there profile info and there my documents until they plug it into the network again.
What we need though is some kind of program that would restrict how long they would have the laptop for.
E.g. we hand a laptop out for 2 weeks use and after 2 weeks they cant do anything.

Anyone got any ideas?



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expiring passwords? Must be possible, Linux supports this as a native feature.

Not activating Windows only gives you the one month option and is rather inflexible plu shas the risk they might be able to activate, maybe?


Blame me for the RAZR's
self destruct! lol duct tape some grey modeling clay and stick a old timex watch in it with a 2 weeks countdown! lol point it out and tell them if they like there hands bring it back before the watch gets to 0 lol....... well it could work.. hehe

im no help i know. :D


ho3 ho3 ho3
Got a nice script in VBS that runs in the machine run in registry.
If the date is after the expire date it logs them automatically :D

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Using Active Directory users and computers you can set the expiry date of an account, the users would have to log on to the domain for their stored profiles to be updated with these changes tho.


ho3 ho3 ho3
We dont want to lock them out of the network.
Just stop them taking the laptops home for a week and us not seeing them for months.
The script is now in a nice and easy msi :D

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